LA Eastside Ruby & Rails Study Group

LA Eastside Ruby & Rails Study Group is making constant progress working their way through various tutorials, tools, books and projects. Because everyone is at a different level of learning we post our progress with our questions, our mistakes and links to sites we found help. We hope that this will help new and future group members, the Ruby community and ourselves.

You can still be a volunteer team for RailsGirls Summer of Code!

Ruby Phase 1

Brandy new to Ruby?
Go through these tutorials first. Try Ruby and TryGit have their own repl window (read, evaluate, print, loop) so you don't even have to have Ruby installed to try it out.

Ruby Phase 2

Learn a lot more.
Here are some great tutorials and our notes on them to get you up to speed. Make sure to check out the Reference list in the sidebar too, there is lots of great info.

Ruby Phase 3

Hone your skills.
This is a list of some really great Ruby books that will help you with refactoring, figuring out best practices and so much more. There is always more to Learn.

Get a Job

  • Have a pet project
  • Learn all the time
  • TATT: Test all the time
  • Attend the local user groups
  • Share all the cool shiny things you come across
  • Contribute back to open source
  • Be active, helpful and constantly visible in the community
  • Read This