Learn Ruby the Hard Way

by Zed Shaw

Example 0 & 1


Example 0 The Setup

Create a folder/directory and label it learn_ruby_the_hard_way. Put all the examples you create in this file. Name your files ex01.rb, ex02.rb etc.

There are a lot of things that people don't remember were confusing or diffucult when they first started.

Example 1 A Good 1st Program

This is a great way to get started. #puts is a method that will print a line then return to a new line puts "hello world" puts "hello from jen diamond" #print is a method that prints a line but does not move to a new line print "hello printy" puts 'hello printier' # The octothorpe, pound or hash tag comments out a line # puts "hello again" # puts "i like typing this" # puts 'yay! printing.' # puts "i'd much rather you 'not'." # puts 'i "said" do not touch this.'