Ruby Phase 1

Phase 1 really has 3 phases

  • Yak Shaving
  • Before Ruby
  • My First Ruby

Yak Shaving

The first thing you have to do is to get your environment set up. If you just want to try out Ruby before committing to it, try the first link below, Try Ruby. When you are ready to really get set up and start programming follow these directions.

If you are running windows you are going to have a harder time. If you are on a Mac or Linux machine, no problem but it all takes time. Don't get frustrated. It is something we all have to do and it is part of the process. Think about it as furnishing your home. Sure you can have a place to live but it isn't really nice to live in until you have a bed and some other essentials.

Before Ruby


If you don't know HTML or CSS at all check out this tutorial from General Assembly.

Here is another great HTML/CSS (and JavaScript) resource: HTML Dog Tutorial. It is suggested you do the "beginner" and "intermediate" parts of the "HTML" and "CSS" sections. This will give you a good background to continue to the next phase.

Your First Ruby Tutorials

If you are brandy new to Ruby go through these tutorials first. Also it is good to come back to these tutorials from time to time to make sure you have the fundamentals down.

Try Ruby

This is a really great introduction to Ruby. It has its own repl window (read, evaluate, print, loop) so you don't even have to have Ruby installed to try it out. There is even a cute cartoon cat to keep you company. Don't feel too cool to come back to this from time to time to see how much easier it is the second or third time around and to realize what is still hard or what you have forgotten.

Try GitHub

This is a really great introduction to Ruby. It has its own repl window (read, evaluate, print, loop) so you don't even have to have a Github account to try it out.


Git is the version control you use on your local computer


Railsbridge was started by two amazing women from San Francisco, Sara Allen and Sarah Mei. They started Railsbridge to help women programmers "bridge the gap from aspiring developer to contributing open source community member through mentoring, teaching and writing"

The tutorials are well written and easy to follow. You will return to them again and again for guidance.


Rails Girls was originally inspired by Railsbridge and comes to us by way of Helsinki, Finland. There have been Rails Girls workshops all over the world. Members of Rails Girls in Berlin from Travis CL organized the first Railsgirls Summer of Code which employed women around the world to work on open source code.

The guides and tutorials here will enforce what you learned in the Railsbridge Tutorials and teach you even more. Or feel free to start here first, it is a great introduction.

Take a Break

Don't forget to take a break and reset your brain from time to time because real life is hard.

Teach Someone

Once you get a feeling for everything help someone through this process. You will learn a lot by teaching someone else. You know more than you think. If you can't answer their question google it together or ask someone with more experience. Either way, it's a great way to find out what you really know, enforced it in your memory and to have fun with a new friend.